The Philippines is one of those countries that people seem to forget to add to the list, and I’m here to change that!

Let me convince you in 30 images why you must travel to the Philippines. You can search under the tag Philippines for more posts about this incredible and fairly unknown country.

But first of all, let me give you a quick introduction. I will tell you what to expect and which are the main differences between the Philippines and the rest of the Southeast Asia region.

The Philippines is one of the only countries that English is one of the official languages. Did you know that? You will find yourself there better than their neighbors.
The uniqueness of this country doesn’t stop there! The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Southeast Asia. You can expect a more familiar stay when you travel to the Philippines. You will find churches and not temples in the Philippines. A big contrast in comparison to their neighbors, huh?

Besides English, they have their main languages, and because of the Spanish years, the Filipino language has a lot of Spanish influence, for example, you have to say “Kumusta?” if you want to ask “Hello, how are you doing?”. In Spanish that would be “¿Cómo estás?”.


Another interesting fact about this place is: the flag of the country will be upside down if the nation is at war! Crazy, huh? As far as I know, this is the only flag that can do that!

This post will show you a little bit of Cebu, Mactan, Oslob, Baguio, Bohol. From amazing landscapes to funny ladyboys and cool bars! Fell the Philippines, enjoy the vibe!

Hope you had fun looking at the pictures, for me, there is no better way to get inspired to travel to another place. Is it the same with you guys?