In Zaemiro (Jaemilo), there is a half kilometer street in South Korea’s capital city that was all dedicated to “Manhwa.” If you are like me and speaks a total of 0% of Korean, let me help you: Manhwa is the Korean word for “comic book.” This street in Zaemiro (Jaemilo) is particular for fans and citizens of Seoul and tourists like me who enjoy street art and hidden gems like this one. It is also nice to point out that Zaemiro is in the Myeongdong neighborhood.

Korean can be a challenging language for a lot of people, so if you want to know more about this place and exhibitions and events happening in Zaermiro (Jaemilo), you can also look for “Cartoon Street“. The official tourism board from Korea even has a post telling a lot about it. Another way to write in our alphabet is Jaemilo, and that is why you will see a lot both formats here.

Zaemiro is right out of a subway station

This unique piece of downtown Seoul and is all painted and decorated with statues of characters created by Korean cartoonists, with animations created since 1970, allowing a complete view of the Korean history of Manhwa. Zaemiro is located in a small alley squeezed between exits 2 and 3 of Myeongdong Station, subway line no. 4. It is super easy to find, believe me! Just in case you don’t believe me, here is a map.

You’ll be able to see images of Korea’s favorite characters on every corner, and for those who like it, a visit to the Manhwa comic book museum is necessary. I tried to enter, but since I found this hidden gem by accident, I arrived too late, and the museum was already closed. This museum is open from 9am to 6pm and I was shopping for skincare and makeup until 7pm. Sad but true.

If you’re not so much into museums, just a stroll up and down this place can guarantee you several great photos.


Zaemiro: Seoul's street dedicated to Comic books
Korea, Feb 2018, Seoul, Zaemiro Comics Road (14)
Korea, Feb 2018, Seoul, Zaemiro Comics Road (4)
Korea, Feb 2018, Seoul, Zaemiro Comics Road (30)
Zaemiro: Seoul's street dedicated to Comic books
Zaemiro: Seoul's street dedicated to Comic books

Zaemiro (Jaemilo) was open back in 2013, and it is one of the best places for photos and a nice walk when in Seoul.

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And before leaving, I want to reinforce the message that traveling during the second wave of a global pandemic is the most idiotic thing one can do. So please, if you want to visit Zaemiro (Jaemilo) and other spots in Seoul, wait a few months to be on the safe side for you and others.

Make good choices always!